Financial Jargon

Navigating financial decisions can be complicated enough without having to learn an entirely new language, commonly known as financial jargon.

PAA members endeavour to minimise the use of jargon when working with clients, but should you be stuck on an acronym or term, we welcome you to browse our index of commonly used financial jargon relating to mortgages, insurance and investment.

Mortgage Jargon

For first home buyers especially, it can feel like a totally language is needed to go through the mortgage process. Our list of commonly used mortgage jargon is here to help.

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Investment Jargon

Learning the ropes of investment is both exciting and challenging, with a considerable amount of terminology to understand. Have a look at our helpful list of investment jargon to get you started.

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Insurance Jargon

Liability, indemnity, stand-down period - just three of the many terms involved in selecting the best policy for your needs. Understand the detail of your insurance choices with our handy list of insurance jargon.

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