Wai Bays Regional Meeting


A new government, a new stage of the cycle, undersupply and an increasing purchase of new builds. A lot has changed but residential property for investment is still a driver for wealth building, mortgage lending and a need for insurance reviews.

Join us for the first Wai Bays Regional Meeting for 2018 and hear from the experts on what the new residential landscape could look like for you. Plus, there are 2 CPD points available. 9.30 registration, 10.00 am kick-off with a 12.00 pm finish.


Ross Barnett, Chartered Accountant & Property Accountant, Branch Manager of Coombe Smith Property Accountants in Hamilton.

Ross owns investment properties, trades properties loves the property game and is heavily involved in the Waikato property community. He has been a member of the Waikato Property Investors Association for over 10 years. In May 2013 he was proud to join the committee, and in 2014 was elected Treasurer. Ross actively strives to add further value to Waikato property investors.

Ross will look at:
- Change of Government, what you need to know?
- How can potential tax changes affect your investment?
- What you need to know before you buy your next property?

John Schell, AFA, Auckland Regional Chari PAA, Owner of SurePlan Financial.

With around 1/3 of SurePlan clients investing in residential property as a part of their retirement plan, John has seen a lot of what can go right or wrong. Knowing who should or should not invest, being compliant and taking advantage of this revenue stream are all things that John feels any financial adviser should consider before looking at this area.

John will address:
- Who should look to invest in property as it is not for everyone?
- Why property vs other asset classes?
- Why being compliant is important and how to ensure you are.
- Outcomes achieved by those who take a conservative approach.

Dominic Minor, Property procurement specialist and owner of Actuate Invest.

With a strong personal and family history in real estate, development and residential building, Dominic does a great job assisting with the investment process. Research research research and good relationships form the key to finding the right investments while avoiding the common mistakes.

Dominic will discuss:
- Where is the property market at now?
- What research should you absolutely do before you sign anything?
- How does a property procurement service work?

Fourth speaker to be announced soon.