Auckland Regional Meeting

2018 - The New Residential Investment Landscape

A new government, a new stage of the cycle, undersupply and an increasing purchase of new builds. A lot has changed but residential property for investment is still a driver for wealth building, mortgage lending and a need for insurance reviews.

Join us for the first Auckland Regional Meeting for 2018 and hear from the experts on what the new residential landscape could look like for you. Plus, there are 2 CPD points available. 9.30 registration, 10.00 am kick-off with a 12.00 pm finish.

The Sessions and Speakers:

Martin Dreyer, Residential property tax specialist and owner of D & D Financial Consultants Limited

As a property investor Martin has over 20 years’ experience, keeping his clients up to date with the latest requirements and information regarding rental properties and tax.

Martin will look at:
- Change of Government, what you need to know?
- How can potential tax changes affect your investment?
- What you need to know before you buy your next property?

Shelley Funnell, Senior Solicitor at Henderson Reeves

Having worked at the highest level in New Zealand and London, Shelley’s experience spans Commercial banking, property transactions and a lot more.

As the demand for property has skyrocketed over the past few years, we are seeing more turnkey, off the plans and land and build packages. While there are obvious rewards with a brand new home, the fish hooks can be painful.

Shelley's talk will cover:
- Understanding your agreement. What are the key terms and how does it differ from a standard property purchase?
- Understanding your title. New subdivisions can have extensive land covenants and other unique characteristics such as a residents’ society. There can be hidden costs.
- Understanding your guarantees. There are minimum standards set by law and a variety of guarantees offered by builders. You should understand your obligations too.

Mike Allen, AFA and Senior Estate & Financial adviser at SurePlan Financial

With experience ranging from Stockbroking, managing Merrill Lynch Europe to estate planning for individuals and families at public trust level, Mike’s holistic view is truly a unique perspective.

Mike will address:
- Who should look to invest in property as it is not for everyone?
- Why property vs other asset classes?
- Outcomes achieved by those who take a conservative approach.

Dominic Minor, Property procurement specialist and owner of Actuate Invest.

With a strong personal and family history in real estate, development and residential building, Dominic does a great job assisting with the investment process. Research research research and good relationships form the key to finding the right investments while avoiding the common mistakes.

Dominic will discuss:
- Where is the property market at now?
- What research should you absolutely do before you sign anything?
- How does a property procurement service work?