Christchurch Regional Meeting

Will You Be My Valentine?

Introducing ‘The Mortgage and Insurance Referral Network’.

The Agenda

9.30 am: Registration and socialise

10.00am: Let’s get to know each other a little
3 long-standing members tell their story. Insights never before revealed

10.30am: Open Forum: Let’s talk...
1. Mortgages
2. Sovereign 10-week Business Development Planner
3. Mileage logs for tax purposes
4. Tech Time – share a little piece of tech others might not know
5. CRM – what do you use?
6. Phone app insight – share your favourite app

11.15am Let’s talk insurance – latest news and open forum

11.30am ‘The Mortgage & Insurance Referral Network’ – ‘TMIRN’ a new initiative